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So, a bit of an issue brewed throughout the summer: minimum lot sizes for agricultural properties. The issue first arose during a neighbour vs. neighbour clash in an agricultural area in the Northern-part of Pelham.

In what would prove to be the final game of the season, the Fonthill Dental Midgets sent Jake Nunn  to the mound to contest the finals with Welland.  Nunn pitched 4 strong innings, allowing only 4 runs and inducing several ground ball outs.  The offence handled the rest, posting a dozen runs in the early innings.  The teams 3 senior players concluded their midget careers with Brock Glenney , Eric Matkowski and Wes Gibson showing their leadership and all contributing to the final out. Final score Pelham 12, Welland 7, and a perfect 4-0 playoff weekend record.  The team wishes to thank Dr Albanese of Fonthill Dental for his sponsorship. 


After weeks of hot, dry and humid weather conditions, the Town of Pelham has lifted the open air burning ban in place since June 24, 2016. On Tuesday, August 16, 2016, Pelham Fire Chief Bob Lymburner lifted the open air burning ban because rainfall amounts have sufficiently eliminated the risk of fires burning out of control and quickly spreading to nearby grass and plants. On Monday, Niagara Public Health also lifted the most recent Heat Alert issued for the region. 

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