Caber-EH Youth Theatre's Seusical Jr - A Resounding Success on Many Levels

The energy was contagious as the Cabar-eh Youth Theatre (CYT) Company took to the stage Sunday June 4th at the Rose City Kids Theatre to give us their year end performance - an endearing and incredibly professional production of Seusical Jr.
What a joy it was to be in the audience to experience the nuanced performances of the incredibly talented, large cast of young performers. The costumes and sets were vibrant, engaging and most certainly  "Dr. Sues-worthy" whimisical.
But what really struck me was how genuinely the kids and their families were all in the moment and absolutley enjoying themselves. reached out to CYT Owner and Creative Director, Jenny Dean and asked her to invite the parents to share some comments about their family's participation in the CYT program experience. ~Cathy Berkhout-Bosse, Community Manager, myNiagara Online
All PHOTOS courtesy of Amanda Lachapelle Photography

Here's what CYT Parents had to say:

"Our 2 girls have been apart of CYT since September 2016. It is the first program they have been excited to attend week after week, enthusiasm never fading. My girls are both part of the Choir and the Jr. Theatre Group. They have learned so much and have had so much fun. My husband and I would drive them there week after week and hear bits and pieces of what was going on in their production of Seussical, but we were floored, what an amazing PROFESSINAL production it was.
Looking back on this past year with CYT I noticed a few other things (apart from how FABULOUS the show was). My girls made some great new friends and surprisingly so did I, we often carpooled with a family and I met a lot of the other parents volunteering. We love being a part of the CYT family. An EXTRA added bonus: my daughter was the youngest in the Junior group and being treated like a BIG kid and having a script to follow each week and notes to take, her reading has improved immensely." ~Rebecca Hyatt
"I loved Cabareh Eh Youth Theatre for so many reasons. My daughter built up her confidence, enjoyed attending every week and was prepared and ready to go early every week. She made new friends and adores her instructors. It was a great value for the money and we will definitely be back for the next season!" ~ Candy Ashbee
"I am so happy that my kids got involved with CYT. It is an amazing group to work with. The leadership and support is amazing and my children always had a great time. Seeing my kids perform after months of classes and rehearsals, was amazing. They had an amazing time on stage, smiling with pride and confidence. They were excited after the show was done, and really loved the experience. I plan to keep them involved in CYT, so they can continue your build on their skills, and learn from amazing role models." ~ Dee Handley
"After 2 seasons with CYT I am truly amazed with Jenny, her crew and the CYT programs. My daughter who was shy, quiet and soft spoken is now outgoing and confident. Her favourite part of the program was dancing with her new friends and being able to perform on a STAGE!! I am thankful that I too was able to be a part of the CYT community. I volunteered my services with creative design to help make the show a success. It's an awesome community of new friendships with a common goal; the happiness of the kids!!" ~Keri Health Sandhi
 "I love watching the joy on my children's faces as they succeed at something they love! You have helped them find their voice and confidence in front of an audience and it has been an exciting year of growth." ~ Laureli Worrall

What some of the CYT kids had to say:

 "I love singing and dancing. I love learning new songs! It's fun doing the play and seeing everyone each week." ~Maya Worrall (Age 8) from the Itty Bitty Program (one of the youngest children participating this year in CYT)
 "It was fun meeting new friends and trying something new. Jenny made it fun and I'm so glad I signed up." Emma Worrall (Age 12), Junior Musical Theatre Program


CYT’s goals are to let your child’s imagination grow through their love of Theatre and Music. We want to educate, create, build confidence, build Musical Theatre appreciation, and above all HAVE FUN!

Watch your child shine on stage while being creative and making new friends. We would love to see your child under those stage lights!

Contacts: Jenny Dean (289) 501-6242