Town’s winter maintenance preparations underway

The Town of Pelham’s public works department is preparing for the upcoming winter season and wants to remind residents what to expect, and what to keep in mind, when the snow starts falling.

When snow accumulates, snow plowing operations commence. Pelham is divided into “routes”. Each route is assigned one piece of equipment and is made up of priority roads that are plowed and treated first.

The Town is proactive and environmentally responsible in their dispensing of winter sand/salt to treat winter road conditions. Equipment is sent out at the onset of a winter storm or when staff become aware of imminent icy road conditions to apply either salt or sand/salt depending on road classification and other environmental conditions. Typically a Sand/salt mixture is used on collector, rural, and resident roads, and at intersections, steep hills, and curves; the mixture is 5:1 sand to salt, straight salt is used on primary roads only.

Responsible for approximately 572 km of roadway, 64 km of sidewalk, and 2.1 km of paved walking trails, the Town is also responsible for snow removal from three commercial areas. With areas to reach, near and far, the Town uses a priority system to plow the roads, based on regulatory requirements.

Throughout the winter the Town of Pelham will provide sidewalk snow clearing services utilizing a local contractor. Sidewalk clearing will commence once a snowstorm has passed and snow accumulation is 5 cm or more. The contractor makes every effort to clear sidewalks within 24 hours following the end of the snowfall event. Heavy snowfalls and successive storm events can sometimes extend this period. All sidewalks are maintained in a snow-packed surface condition as the equipment does not allow for clearing down to bare surface. Sidewalks in unassumed subdivision developments are not cleared.

Residents are reminded that parking on any street in the Town of Pelham during the winter season is not permitted at any time during plowing, sanding or salting operations. Parking on the street in any way to interfere with a winter maintenance operation will result in a parking ticket.

For a list of winter operations FAQs, click here.

If you have concerns about the quality of winter control operations after the prescribed service level has passed, are encouraged to contact the Public Works & Utilities Department at (905) 892-2607 ext. 332, or use the Town of Pelham Public Service Request system found on the website: