Workshop should be called - 'Freeing your inner child'

A Non Objective Acrylic Abstract Workshop was held at the Pelham Library this weekend. Hosted by the Pelham Art Association with instructor/artist Gloria Kingma of Dunnville.

Thank you to local resident Rosie Culos for sharing her experience with us in this play-by-play description of the workshop:

"Had a fabulous experimental/non-objective acrylic abstract work shop this weekend. Pelham Art Association presented Instructor Gloria Kingma with a full classroom of enthusiastic students. We each BEGAN two canvases. Friday night was spent prepping one canvas with texture - 'glue' paper, gauze .., apply different texture pastes, scrape, design in said pastes ... Saturday the real work began.

Choosing your colour pallet, freely applying paint,, spraying, flipping, ... then another stage = deciding what areas need more definition, patterns? designs? ... Gloria informed us we would not complete the projects today as there are many stages and although we compressed the time frame in our class; you need to let the painting & you rest between stages.

 Gloria's stage one textured canvas:

Gloria working on stage two:

Next my textured panel stage 2:

and my untextured canvas stage one - I should have stopped there lol.

An almost group shot of the art in progress.

Lot of fun, lot of work & thought. Who knew that abstract wasn't just slapping down paint?

Workshop should be called - freeing your inner child." ~Rosie Culos