An overflow crowd assembled at last week’s Town Council meeting, because of concern raised in the community over “short-term rental properties.”

Matt Davis is the Kitchen Manager at Iggy's Pub and Grub, where the focus is on elevated, scratch-made pub fare. Matt cut his teeth under Juan Tribianni at the 90's smash hit Mexican Restaurant, Amigos. He then tried his hand at molecular gastronomy under the French chef, Walter Blanc, at the now defunct, Pinkmans.

At Iggy's, Matt makes great use of the restaurants outdoor smoker - he brines and smokes the bacon, pork, and wings used in many of Iggy's menu features. They also make 3 different types of sausages in house, including a smoked chorizo.

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Five local restaurant Chefs from Churchhill Natural Meats, Iggy's Pub & Grub; FORE Restaurant at Peninsula Lakes Golf Club; The Righteous Monger ( at Kame & Kettle Beer Works ) and Root & Bone are going head to head and bun to bun in an epic SLIDER BATTLE!

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We have all your BBQ Needs. Burgers, Sausages, Mouth Watering Steaks, Chicken, Shishkabobs & lots more!

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Summer is almost over, which means many students will be heading back to school! If you’re starting college or university in September, whether in town or away from home, and need to furnish your place, the Niagara Habitat for Humanity ReStores can help!

When it comes to cooking homemade weekday meals for your family, it’s time to reconsider the freezer. When stocked with a lineup of essential ingredients, it can serve as your cold pantry, letting you whip up tasty meals with minimal prep — perfect for fending off that end-of-day hangry feeling!

This week, two skunks in an urban area of Welland, and one raccoon in rural Lincoln have tested positive for rabies.  Niagara Region Public Health has seen an increase in the number of animals testing positive for rabies in Niagara.  So far, in 2018, there have been six raccoons and four skunks test positive for rabies.  In 2017, there were a total of 21 animals that tested positive for rabies (19 raccoons, two skunks) and 12 in 2016 (10 raccoons, two skunks).  Residents should not approach any wild animal, including those that appear to be in distress, as they may put themselves at risk for injury or contracting an infection like rabies.

With just over two months until the recreational use of cannabis becomes legal, a new CAA Niagara survey shows 75 per cent of respondents are concerned about their safety on the road once the new law comes into force.

The Town of Pelham would like to thank the many residents who attended the Council Meeting on August 13, 2018, in interest of their concerns regarding Air BnB and short-term vacation rental properties within the Town of Pelham.

Whether you have blonde, red-brown, or black hair, according to Tracy Strycker, hairstylist at Salon Allegra, it’s all about going for a warmer, richer tone this fall. ​

Since some people asked me recently about certain elements of the Meridian Community Centre and the former Haist Street Arena, I thought I would also answer their questions here.

Five local restaurant Chefs from Churchhill Natural Meats, Iggy's Pub & Grub; FORE Restaurant at Peninsula Lakes Golf Club; The Righteous Monger ( at Kame & Kettle Beer Works ) and Root & Bone will be showcased as the Fonthill Lions once again host their highly popular outdoor fundraising party at G. L. Klager Park.

Visitors from Niagara and beyond will be joining us to relax to the soulful sounds of live Blues by THE RHYTHM HOUNDS while they savour the tastes created by our featured Chefs.

Making your own salad dressing lets you take control of everything from flavour to nutrition to cost. You can easily tweak recipes to suit your family’s tastes and dietary needs, and it’s often cheaper to make dressings than it is to buy them. Plus, homemade dressing adds a personal touch to a crisp, fresh salad.

Thursday night saw members of the Fonthill Rotary Club volunteering by selling and serving beverages at the SupperMarket Over 5000+ enjoyed  music of Brass Transit, a Chicago tribute band in the Fonthill Bandshell.

Traeger wood pellet grills pack big hardwood flavor, from sweet cherry, to savory mesquite, into everything your grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear, & BBQ. Traeger’s wood pellets are made with 100% pure, natural hardwood giving you authentic flavor and nothing else.

Thick hair needs some of your extra attention, and there are certain hair care nuances, you should take into account.

With the Arbor Alliances Program Legion members and immediate family save on funeral and cemetery expenses with these new special member discounts. Call 905-380-6907 for more information.

Niagara Region Public Health has received its first report of West Nile Virus (WNV) in mosquitoes in 2018. To date, Niagara has no human cases of WNV.​

You want to save more for retirement, but life and its expenses show no sign of slowing down, and you’re not sure where you’ll find the extra cash. You may be surprised to learn how much “hidden” money is available once you begin tracking spending. 

Making jam is easy. Wait, what? That’s right! With a few basic kitchen tools, a short list of ingredients and about 30 minutes, you can become a pro at stirring up no-cook jams. The flavours and colours of these spreads will be as bright and ripe as the fruits you’ve chosen. And just wait for the smiles that will greet you when you slather a little of this summery sunshine on toast or between cake layers.


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