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Do you have a renovation in mind in the near future?

There are three features that must be addressed when choosing a ceramic tile. They are...

Star Tile Carpet One, a locally-owned flooring retailer and member of North America’s largest flooring cooperative, is excited to announce the relaunch of its Relax, it’s... Lees® carpet. The flooring retailer’s premier carpet collection, Relax, it’s... Lees, combines performance, value, and style with an industry-best warranty to offer customers a carpet that stands up to everyday life.

Spring is a common time of year to refresh and renew, and Star Tile Carpet One is excited to share helpful tips and advice for the family-friendly home, where life is generally a little messier and little less organized. With the help of professional interior designers, the local flooring retailer has compiled tips to help inspire a renewed sense of order and organization this spring season.

With the holidays behind us and 2018 officially underway, there’s no time like the present to catch up on 2018’s exciting home decorating trends! From floors and finishes to faucets and fixtures, the 2018 Trends Issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple has everything you need to get inspired- and it’s now easier than ever to stay on top of what’s current in home fashions. With our new, free app, your smart phone or tablet is your hand-held connection to all of our resource-filled archives. 

Star Tile Carpet One confirms wine as the #1 feared carpet stain during the holidays by homeowners in a recent survey. In addition to the nearly 40% of homeowners that selected wine as their most-feared stain, survey results indicated candle wax to also be a leading cause of concern. To help customers combat these two holiday staples, Star Tile Carpet One is taking from their Stain First Aid app to share simple, step-by-step cleaning techniques for the two most-dreaded holiday stains.

Star Tile Carpet One – a locally-owned and operated flooring retailer and member of North America’s largest flooring cooperative – details the advantages their customers receive by shopping local, as Small Business Saturday approaches. As a cooperative, Star Tile Carpet One benefits from economies of scale and collective knowhow, providing customers with the best prices, leading expertise, and the most innovative products the flooring industry has to offer.

Star Tile Carpet One goes beyond flooring: providing their customers with ideas and inspiration for the whole home. Beautiful Design Made Simple – part digital magazine, part blog, part video series – is the flooring retailer’s creative channel aimed at keeping customers informed and engaged beyond the completion of their flooring installation.

As summer rolls around, so does the season of home improvement projects. With warmer weather comes more opportunity for updating the home. For customers looking to give their kitchens a full facelift or just freshen up the space, Star Tile Carpet One helps keep home renovations from turning into home renovation nightmares. These interior designer-approved tips will help turn kitchen dreams into reality!

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Hundreds of thousands of square feet of in-stock ceramic tile.

Star Tile Carpet One is springing into the new season with fresh ideas for the home. From flooring to accessories, and all things in between, the local retailer proudly serves as a continuous source of home design information and inspiration for their customers. With the help of professional interior designers, the flooring experts have compiled content to inspire refreshed spaces within their customers’ homes this spring season.

Entryway Envy & Essentials

Star Tile Carpet One is putting the spotlight on pet-friendly living during their Relax, it’s… Lees Flooring Sale. From muddy paws to accidental “messes,” the flooring retailer knows that life with pets can leave not only flooring vulnerable, but the whole home. To keep their customers pet-related mess at a minimum, Star Tile Carpet One has compiled advice on how to protect and maintain a pet-friendly home.

When it comes to keeping carpets clean, the muddy months of spring can certainly put a homeowner’s care and maintenance skills to the test. In a household with pets and children, stains may be a year-round battle. In anticipation of the messy months ahead, Star Tile Carpet One compiled cleaning tips and techniques for some of carpet’s toughest stains. In addition to the advice provided here, the flooring retailer also offers a free Stain First Aid app and an exclusive Video Series to help their customers tackle over 50 of the most common household stains.

Star Tile Carpet One collaborated with top industry experts and interior designers to compile and organize 2017’s top flooring trends by room. Though, the preferred flooring type varies by space, the overarching trend in the coming year is the continued movement toward natural styles. Products that evoke the look of naturally derived fibers, while simultaneously maintaining a sense of luxury continue to be top sellers. This trend supports the demand by homeowners to create spaces within their homes that are not just visually appealing, but nurture a sense of well-being and comfort.

Star Tile Carpet One, a locally-owned flooring retailer and member of North America’s largest flooring cooperative, is excited to share the benefits of shopping locally. With over 1,000 independently-owned stores, the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative has seen first-hand the advantages of supporting local business. As a member of a cooperative, Star Tile Carpet One benefits from economies of scale to provide their customers with the best prices, service, and innovative products in the industry, all while fostering democratic values and strengthening local communities.

Star Tile Carpet One’s annual fall issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple, includes a special holiday insert offering customers inspiration, ideas and advice for the upcoming season. In their most recent release, Julie Edelman, The Accidental Housewife, provides stress-relieving tips and an easy guide to preparing for the holidays in her article “Your Sanity-Saving 6 Week Cleaning N’ Preening Holiday Countdown”. The list of “to-dos” offers customers an easy-to-follow timeline that will ensure their homes are prepped and ready for the upcoming holidays.

Star Tile Carpet One recently launched Beautiful Design Insider, to offer customers exclusive inspirational and educational content from accomplished interior designers and home experts. Additionally, Design Insiders will receive advance notice on upcoming Carpet One Floor & Home promotions and special offers.

Star Tile Carpet One is excited to share the color and texture-focused issue of their free digital magazine, Beautiful Design Made Simple. Through this magazine and the Beautiful Design Made Simple blog, the flooring retailer provides customers with home design ideas, inspiration and the latest trends. To read the 2016 Spring Issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple or download in the Apple Store.

“Many of our customers are looking to update their home décor right now,” explains Gayle Baltjes-Chataway of Star Tile Carpet One. “With the latest Color & Texture Issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple, we’re able to provide them with ideas and inspiration for achieving new design heights as they welcome the new season.”


Carpet One Floor & Home worked with interior designers and product experts to compile 2016 design trends for the entire home. Keeping a home on trend can be as simple as refreshing a few rooms with a new paint color, or as complex as a complete kitchen or bath overhaul. In either circumstance, a homeowner begins by researching and finding inspiration. 

Formaldehyde is an organic chemical commonly used in many applications - from industrial disinfectants to certain kinds of fabric. Formaldehyde is also commonly found in the adhesives used to make engineered and laminate flooring. These adhesives will off-gas trace amounts of free formaldehyde into the air in decreasing concentrations over time. Is this worrisome to have formaldehyde off-gassing into the air in your home? It depends on the concentration.